The Lead
Story Info
Author   Gospodin   talk    contribs  
Illustrator Luctem
Published on 26 May, 2011
Published by Toreans DeviantArt group
Story Codes  M/f   F/f   scifi   bondage   grim   reluctant   gags   frustration 
Significant Characters

Synopsis: Alice is a collared Torean sex slave held in the lowest level dungeon of one of the ziggurat towers near the north pole of Torei. She is owned by Deco a laminate dealer who rents her out regularly to be used and abused by off-world tourists as a sideline to his main laminate export business. When the buzzer goes off Alice must don a gag and hook herself on to the lead system within one and a half minutes. The lead system then provides her with a secured escort to the location of the off-world tourist. Edit

Chapter One: The Lead

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